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What is the Dulce Base?

The Dulce Base is allegedly a secret joint alien and US government underground facility. It is located under the Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado-New Mexico border near the town of Dulce, New Mexico.  It is here where according to several whistleblowers people from all around the world, but mainly from the US are being kept in hostage. This is not where it ends, from the stories of these whistleblowers human (genetic) experiments are being executed on the hostages which include cloning, mind control and animal and human cross breeding

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About this website

This website is dedicated to the people (and animals) whom allegedly are being kept in hostage at the underground army facility Dulce, under the Archuleta Mesa on the Colorado-New Mexico border. Several whistleblowers (unfortunately from whom several  have died after telling their story) have come forward with the existence and the stories about the activities conducted at this base after their work in relation to the Dulce base. Although the existence – just like Area 51 – have been denied by the US government the people (of the US and around the world) have the right to know if people and animals are being kept in hostage at this base, even if existence or activities are being denied under the umbrella of secrecy/national security.

What can we do?

This website tries being a catalyst for a dialogue in America that will ultimately lead to an in depth investigation into the Dulce Base.

If this story is compelling to you please let us know by signing up with your name and email adress. The more emails we gather the more we have a legitimate case for the US government to start an in depth investigation.